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Fic Master List

I figure it's about time I made one of these. I've written one long, multi-chapter fic and a bunch of one-shot pieces (including several 221bs).

multi-chapter fic

All Our Gifts At Once, or The Young Sea-Man - John Watson, storyteller and shipwright's son, walks way from his entire life in Portsmouth to follow the mysterious Sherlock Holmes to London. Victorian AU, non-magical retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. 47.5k.
chapter 1: Portsmouth
chapter 2: The Isle of Wight
chapter 3: Southsea Common
chapter 4: Sandleford, near Eastleigh
chapter 5: London, Part I: Westminster
chapter 6: London, Part II: Islington
chapter 7: London, Part III: South Bank
chapter 8: Portsmouth Harbor
Epilogue: Aldershot, 1895

one-shots with some kind of plot
not necessarily a lot of plot, just by comparison to the other list

Intimate Knowledge - Everyone kills for a different reason. Sherlock's got to understand somehow. warning for graphic violence and disturbing themes. a remix of Murder Will Out by keerawa. (5.5k)

The Thought That Counts - John and Sherlock have a pointed chat about what makes a good birthday present and what doesn't. A sort of a missing scene for Many Happy Returns. written for Orithea for winterlock 2014. Absurd, ridiculous fluff. (1.5k)

Threshold - Amid the cases, John and Sherlock try to navigate some new kinds of intimacy. And/or/incidentally: five times Sherlock closed the door on John, and one time he didn’t. Written for rhuia for holmestice December 2013. (8k)

Into the Woods - A modern-day realist take on an old fairy tale, wherein Mrs. Hudson catches a cold, Sherlock catches a killer, and John kicks ass. warning for canon-typical violence. (5k)

just people talking to each other basically

the thing that I keep in the back of my head - The night before he ships out to Afghanistan, second lieutenant John Watson winds up at an officers' party, talking to a rather extraordinary woman. songfic based on I Know What I Know by Paul Simon. Written for the Graceland Album Challenge.

Cold Making Warmth - Even years later, some clients are still sending Christmas cards. songfic inspired by The Atheist Christmas Carol by Vienna Teng. (2.5k)
Links to the podfic made by the super-awesome Consultingsmartarse can be found here.

My Heart The Red Sun, Your Heart The Moon Clouded - Not all mysteries need to be solved. John and Sherlock spend an evening on the porch in Sussex, thinking about the past. songfic inspired by Mystery by the Indigo Girls, aka the Johnlockiest song that has ever happened, and I hate that portmanteau but that's how badly I needed it to describe this song okay (1.6k) Now with an amazing podfic by Consultingsmartarse! Listen to it here.

Balance - That Missing Scene from The Sign of Three; Sherlock teaches John to waltz. Pining-palooza. (2k)

Foiled - Even John "Three Continents" Watson hits the occasional cultural barrier. (665)


One for the Files - Every good disguise involves pedestrian details, too. remixed awesomely by 30percent: Predictable
A Gift Horse - Apparently, everybody hears "punch me in the face" when Sherlock talks.
Smells Like Classical Spirit - Sherlock isn't on the cutting edge of quite everything. John and Sherlock at a punk show (for a case, of course.)
Four Words - Being far from home only gets harder, the longer it wears on. set during Reichenbach hiatus.
Impossible Standards - Heroes don't exist, of course. Where, after all, is the man that has everything?

....and a couple of 3-flat problems (tm LapOtter: a 221a, a 221b, and a 221c):
The Rule of Three - John's the writer, of course. Sherlock just helps.
A Study In Potato Pancakes - at this rate, John's not sure he can handle eight nights of crazy.

...and a 5+1 made up of 221bs:
Five Times, At Baker Street - John and Sherlock, together in Baker Street. a serious of snapshot-length historical AUs.

...AND a drabble advent calendar, made up of proper drabbles and 221bs.
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names glossary for John and the Jungle

I've finally started posting my Sherlock/Jungle Book Fusion for the summer serial!   wooo

There are a lot of characters in this story, and they each have a lot of names! Here's a listing of who is whom, which I hope will make it easier. I plan to update this weekly as new characters are introduced. If you have any feedback on the formatting of this post, or if I've left out some kind of information that you want, please let me know!

John Watson is fused with Mowgli the man-cub of the original stories.
Martha Hudson is fused with Mother Wolf, and here called Martha Mother-Wolf.
Mycroft Holmes is fused with Akela Wolf.
Sherlock Holmes is fused with Bagheera the Panther, and goes by both names.
Greg Lestrade, fused with Baloo the Bear, is here called either Baloo or Balustrade.
Charles Augustus Magnussen, fused with the tiger Shere Khan, here goes by either that name, or by the name Shere Augustus.
Jim Moriarty is Jayim, the king of the Bandar-log (the Monkey-People.)
Irene Adler is fused with Kaa the Rock-Snake, and is here called Shanti or sometimes simply the Snake. ("Shanti" is the word for "peace" in Sanskrit and many of its derivative languages, and so is a sort of translation or transposition of the name Irene, which comes from "eirene," the Greek word for "peace.")
Bill Wiggins is fused with Rann the Kite, and known here as Wiggi the Kite. (this is what a kite looks like.)
Sebastian Moran is a useless politician in BBC Sherlock, but a much more substantive character in ACD canon (and thus in much Sherlock fic); he is fused with the old hunter Buldeo, and here called Maaran (which means “brave” – and also prideful – in both Hindi and Tamil.)
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Reading221b is here!

After an inadvertent soft opening about a week ago, my two co-mods and I now have reading221b up and rolling! If you haven't yet done so, come on by and nominate some of your favorite fics for discussion!

We're starting slowly - one new fic discussion a week - so that the community as a whole can figure out its rhythms, and so that we the mods can get a more precise handle on what serving this precise community will entail. After 4-6 weeks, we're going to stop and reassess, find out what's been working for people and what could be improved.

So please, come join us! The reading will be great, the conversation will be great, and - by getting involved early, and helping us discern the best way to structure the community - you can help make the comm into the sort of space you want it to be.
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moving: worst, or actual fucking worst?

there was this period of time about three months ago, in the burned-out haze right after I submitted my dissertation for pseudo-final consideration, that I sat on my couch a lot and thought about how, at some later time, I would probably look back with a combination of wonderment and resentment, and wonder how I could have wasted all that time.

earlier's later = now

in the next three weeks, I am:
* packing up most of an apartment
* moving several states away
* coming back here to graduate and partake of 3 days of para-graduation festivities with family
* driving back down again
* writing an academic book review, but only after
* reading the last 3/4 of the book I'm reviewing
* beginning to teach at a new institution, for which
* I might want to read the three or four books on the syllabus I've never read before

And all while trying to fit in time with friends who will, very shortly, no longer be close by. And try to work out the kinks for setting up the Sherlock fic reading group. It is absolutely all reflective of an embarrassment of riches in my life, but I can't help wishing I could spread it out a little more.

so, moving:

actual fucking worst
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Sherlock fic reading group - let's do this thing

I seem to be in a project-launching mood these days. also I just got the go-ahead on this from my co-conspirator (who is too busy to take a lead role, and so will remain nameless unless she chooses otherwise).


I would like to there to be - and am willing to help start and run - an LJ community dedicated to discussing Sherlock fic, rather in the manner of meatspace bookgroups... except of course that it would present all sorts of quirks and complications. How public are our conversations? (I'm assuming membership of the comm would be open; the question is whether someone would have to make the initial commitment to join before being able to read, as in tumblr-refuge.) To what degree do we want the conversations to be managed? Do we include the authors of the stories we discuss, and if so, how? To what extent do we limit the number of fics we talk about at a time? (the disadvantages of this are obvious, given that there's so much good stuff to talk about; but the main advantage of limiting our focus - getting a lot of people thinking and talking about the same story at the same time - would be our whole reason for existing.)

So it seemed like it would be worth getting a sense of where everyone comes down on these issues before actually starting the comm.... so with that in mind, I've created a poll, which I'm posting below the cut. I hope you'll participate, even if you're not sure you'd want to join the group. And please, do spread the word to anyone you think would be interested!
Collapse )

Poll #1976739 Sherlock fanfic reading group/comm

Should posts to this community be visible to people who are not a part of the community?


Should posts to this community be moderated at any level?

no, posting should be open
yes, posts should have to be approved
yes, comments should have to be approved
why are you even asking this, you fascist
there is another layer here you haven't thought of, I will suggest it below

further comments in re: open posting

How frequently should we introduce new stories for conversation?

once a week
once a month
whenever people feel like it
on some sort of regimented schedule, but perhaps more than one at a time

Should we focus on just one work at a time?

no, but let's limit the number to keep it manageable
no, let's divide up into a few different streams (e.g. case fic, AU) that can run discussions simultaneously
no, people should be able to start new conversations whenever
I actually think something else entirely, and will elaborate below

Care to elaborate on #5?

How shall we select stories to read together?

nominations threads
cage fights
other, described below:

Other thoughts on choosing stories to read?

Should fic authors be included, and if so, how?

we should get permission to discuss a work before we dedicate a conversation to it
we should inform the authors and invite them to take a role in conversation
we should inform the authors and welcome them to participate from a non-privileged perspective
you're not seriously kicking up another argument about Roland Barthes, are you?
I appreciate that there is no responsible way to start a fanfic group without raising this question, and I forgive you for bringing up Roland Barthes

What would be the best way to run discussions?

moderator says
one person takes charge of launching conversation about a given story, writes up thoughtful response of some kind to start conversation
moderator manages/encourages ongoing conversation
conversation launcher takes charge of managing ongoing conversation
someone else takes charge of cultivating conversation
nobody manages it, we just talk, okay. or maybe we don't. It's all fine.

Surely there are things that I've missed.

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All Our Gifts At Once, or, The Young Sea-Man (7/8)

Title: All Our Gifts At Once, or, The Young Sea-Man
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Word count: around 38k total, about 13k for this chapter. yes, that is a strange ratio.
Rating: Mature
Notes: a naturalist transposition of the Little Mermaid (the original HCA story, not the Disney version): no magic, no tails, but plenty of pining. Victorian-era AU.
Summary: John longs for a life beyond the shipyards. It will cost him everything he has.

on AO3. new chapter here, or start at the beginning here.
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"till this moment, I never knew myself"*

* not actually a thoughtful or substantive post. don't let the title throw you off.

syllogism, as she embarks on ch2 of her Victorian AU: Sherlock needs a profession of some kind. Critical Biblical scholar! Oh wait, achray did that already. Scientist? whatever.

syllogism, midway through ch4: damnit, what kind of science

syllogism, late-stage edits to ch4: nothing too close to medicine, that will screw things up. Botanist? why not, that seems fine.

syllogism, having written 3478 words** about trees, gardens, flower arrangements, and botanical drawings: so apparently I like plants

**really actually that many just on plants. The story as a whole is 33908 (with a chapter and a bit still to go). That is over 10% plant content, y'all.***

***which, if you think about it, is a better share of leafy greens than most of us are getting in our diets on a daily basis. I guess if I were going to try to market this fic, I would hitch my publicity wagon to some sort of healthy eating campaign....
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the great retromigration

for once, I've heard about something on the front end. whether or not it becomes great in the sense of numerous, it is certainly great in the sense of awesome: I've never much liked using tumblr for long collaborative conversations, which are basically my favorite part of fandom. So even though I now need to figure this crap out, I'm delighted at the shift, and looking forward to conversations with you all.